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E-COP (Every Citizen On Patrol)

What is ECOP
(Every Citizen On Patrol)

E-COP (Every Citizen On Patrol,) is an organization that allows

everyone to utilize their particular area of expertise to enhance the
community. The goal of E-COP is to get citizens involved in the betterment and growth of the Community in which they live through crime prevention, community activities, as well as clean-up and beautification. Citizens will anonymously report any criminal or suspicious activities, work together to bring in entertainment and activities, assist in cleaning up and beautifying areas in need. We want to especially concentrate on our youths.

E-COP is the solution to what’s wrong with our communities and how to make it right. The beauty of this organization is its citizens. More info

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This may be the most important thing you have done this year and it is free,

 What is AlertID?
The first-of-its-kind, AlertID is a free public service available online and on mobile applications. AlertID is proven to help reduce crime while improving safety and security for children, families and entire communities across the country by providing information and public safety alerts from trusted sources including law enforcement, schools, neighbors, family members and friends.


Public Safety Alerts 
about crime, sex offenders, terrorism, natural disasters, severe weather and other safety concerns  

A Secure Way to Connect
and share information with your family, friends, neighbors, law enforcement and other people in your community  

Report Suspicious Activity 
to family, friends, neighbors, public safety, local law enforcement and to the Department of Homeland Security  

has your child ever been late getting back from that out of town game and no one knows where the bus is alertid can connect you to the drivers cell phone, got a prowler or suspicious person take a picture with your cell and forward it to local police in seconds, a problem at school all parents can be notified immediately and respond yet so personal that you can post a picture of your lost cat it is the answer to being safe and feeling protected it gives you the hotline to everyone all you do is go to alertid.com/ecop and fill out form takes about a minute you can then download the cell phone app for coverage on the go that is all and you are protected where ever you go start by going to alertid.com/ecop and hurry we are waiting to help you and it is free.  

w.alertid.com/ecopthis new state of the art product puts your safety and peace of mind first, it helps to wipe out crime in the community, create a safer environment for you and your family, helps keep an eye on your children and a safer community promotes job growth with enhanced opportunities and overall peace of mind  you are worth the security the more members the better the effect this is your chance to help yourself and your community so join now (don't set this one out).

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Reports Events The ECOP Mall Healthy_Living Video Masters Memories.. Latest Technology.. Video Masters Memories.. The ECOP Mall

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